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1. Getting Started
Psychsurveys Features
Basic Survey Features
Dynamic Survey Features
Participant and Data Management Features
Getting Help
Searching Help
Creating an Account
Activating a New Account
Logging In
If You Forget Your Username or Password
Updating Your Account Information
Navigating Around
Contacting Us
2. A Quick Overview
Construct a Survey
Check Out The Example Surveys
Start a New Survey
Add Some Content
Make It Pretty
Invite Some Participants
Make a List
Send Out An Invitation
Check Out Your Results
3. Managing Your Surveys
Creating New Surveys / Copying Existing Surveys
Working with Existing Surveys
Opening and Closing Surveys
Deleting Surveys
Clearing Collected Data
4. Constructing a Survey
Saving Changes
Navigating Around the Survey
Adding Pages
Moving and Copying Pages
Deleting Pages
The Flow of a Survey
Starting the Survey
Ending the Survey
Surveys that Skip Around
5. Survey Items
Previewing Items
Variable Names
Requiring and Prompting for Answers
Informed Consent
Choice Labels and Choice Values
Item Types
Page Titles
Text (or HTML) Items
Adding Media
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Files
Open Ended Items
Yes/No Items (Checkboxes)
Choice Items (Columns)
Choice Items (Rows)
Choice Items (Dropdown)
Feeling Thermometers
Date Items
Matrix Items
Randomizing Matrix Rows
Repeating The Header Row
Matrix Columns
Matrix Variable Names
Item Numbering
Adding Items
Moving Items
Deleting Items
6. Survey Properties
Survey Properties
Survey Title
Show Progress Meter
Show Exit Button
Require Login ID
Anonymity Level
Close Date and Closed Survey Message
Color Schemes
7. Dynamic Survey Features
Creating Conditions
Conditionally Displaying Pages
Conditionally Displaying Items
(Random) Assignment to Conditions
Initial Blocks and Maximums
Closing Surveys After a Maximum is Reached
Conditional Branches
Adding Branches
Branch Variables
Branch Options
When Branching Happens
Page Randomization (Counterbalancing)
Page Order
Text Replacements
Replacing Text Based on Participant Input
Replacing Text Based on Conditions
8. Participants
Creating a List of Participants
Importing Participants from a Spreadsheet or Text File
Importing Participants from Another Survey
Generating IDs to Distribute Manually
Editing the Participant List
Participant Status
Blocked Email Addresses
Deleting Selected Participants
Inviting Selected Participants
9. Launching Your Survey
Advance Testing
Previewing Your Survey
Accessing Your Survey on the Web
Piloting Your Survey
Sending Email Invitations
Composing an Invitation
Using Existing Invitations
Sending Invitations
10. Working with Data
Summary Statistics
Viewing Your Data
Data Formats
Web Page
Text Files - CSV and TSV
Excel Spreadsheets
SPSS Data Files
Viewing Data As You Go
11. Psychsurveys Privacy Policy
For Survey Creators and Administrators
Your Name and Email Address
Institutional Affiliation and Intended Use
Survey Participants
Security and Confidentiality of Data
For Internal Review Boards
For Survey Participants
Emails from Psychsurveys
Security and Confidentiality of Survey Responses
For Survey Volunteers
Emails from Psychsurveys
Security and Confidentiality of Survey Responses
Search Help
1. Getting Started
Welcome to Psychsurveys exists to support survey research in psychology and the social sciences. You can use to design your own web surveys, distribute email invitations to your surveys, track responses, and collect data. relies on donations to cover expenses. Please contribute to help keep the website going. For suggested donations, visit our donations page.
With any luck, you will find this site easy to use. Creating simple, basic surveys is a snap. Creating complex, dynamic surveys with random distribution of participants into groups, response based branching, and dynamic, participant-specific wording of survey text is also pretty easy. If you are computer and web saavy, jump right in. If you could use a little extra instruction, these help pages are for you.
Psychsurveys Features
Below are several lists of psychsurveys features. Click on any feature to jump to the help section for that feature.
Basic Survey Features
Dynamic Survey Features
Participant and Data Management Features
Getting Help
You can access the help pages at any time by clicking the Help tab at the top of the screen.
Context-specific help is also easy to find. Every page of the website is divided into sections, and each section has a title at the top. Just click on the title to get help on the section.
Throughout the help section, you will find text formatted like this. These paragraphs provide detailed or technical information that you should feel free to skip unless you want all the details you can get.
You will also find visual examples of some of the features of These examples are provided as illustrations of the text, but they lack functionality. If you want to try using the features of the website, just click on the appropriate tab and experiment freely with the non-help sections of the website.
Searching Help
You can search the help pages by typing search terms into the Search Help box at the top of the help screen and clicking the Search button.
You can search the help pages for individual words or for exact phrases by putting the phrases "in quotes". By default, the search will only return results that match ALL of the words and phrases you entered. You can use parentheses along with OR and AND to perform more complicated searches.
Creating an Account
Creating a new account is free. Simply fill in all the information under the heading Create Free Account when the Home tab is selected. The free part is not a trick. While we request that you donate to the site if you find it useful, there are no hidden costs that will jump out at you later on.
A valid email is needed to activate your account. The email you provide will be used if we need to contact you. It will also be the return email address survey participants will see if you invite them to take your survey via email. The contact name you provide will also appear in your return email address. We will never sell your email address or use it for any purpose other than to contact you.
You must include at least a brief description of your intended use of We reserve the right to inspect your surveys to insure they are in alignment with our purpose: to support survey research in psychology and the social sciences. Though we may look at the content of your surveys, any data you collect will remain private and confidential.
Psychsurveys does NOT support market research, for-profit polling, or other primarily business related survey activities. If you are looking for a reasonably priced option to conduct these types of surveys over the web, we recommend trying Survey Monkey.
Usernames and passwords may consist of between 1 and 16 letters, numbers, or _underscores. Usernames are not case sensitive.
Activating a New Account
After you submit your new account information, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. When you click the link in the email, you will see a message on the screen that says your account has been activated. You are then free to login.
Logging In
To login, input your username and password. If you click the Remember Login box, your username and password will appear automatically whenever you open in this web browser on this computer.
If You Forget Your Username or Password
If you forget your username or password, don't worry. Just type your email address into the Account Login box on the Home page and click Send Login Info. Your login information will be emailed to you within seconds.
You can have more than one psychsurveys account with the same email address. If you do, when you click Send Login Info, you will get an email for each psychsurveys account you have. If you have not yet activated your account, the reminder email will include a link to click on to activate your account.
Updating Your Account Information
Once you are logged in, you can update your contact information and your password on the Home page.
If you update your email address, you will need to activate the new email address. An email will be immediately sent to the new email address with a link for you to click on to activate the email. We will keep using your old email address until you activate the new one.
Navigating Around
To get from one page to another, click the tabs at the top of each page.
The Surveys tab will not be clickable unless you are logged in. When the Surveys tab is selected, a second row of tabs will appear allowing you to work with your surveys, participant lists, survey invitations, and collected data.
Contacting Us
To contact us, just click on the Contact tab and fill out the contact form.
You can also email us directly at one of the following email addresses.
Unfortunately, there is no phone number to call for immediate contact. Psychsurveys is volunteer run, so we are not available at all times. We will respond to your emails as quickly as we are able. was created by Steve Bearman